Customize with Modifications

New Reinforcement Solution for Lateral X – Bulkheads for Airbus Helicopters AS350.

SB 53.00.50

Kit P/N 350A07-4343-0071

Mod 074349

Cancels SB 05.00.07 / Repeat 165HR Inspection.

Airbus Helicopters Service Bulletin 25.00.57 Installation of Energy-Absorbing SICMA Seats for AS350 Series. Also kits available for the AS355 Series.

CALL for information. We can advise on upgrade costs for your helicopter. This kit along with optional Service Bulletin 25.00.83 Long Rail installation, will bring your pilot and co-pilot seating to the newest generation as seen in the EC130, EC120, EC135. Kits also available for the AS355 Helicopter Series.

Mods concerned are Pre 07-3180 and Post 07-3180. New Seats are ordered separately as either P/N 1591718-04 or 1591718-20. Long Seat Rails are ordered as a kit.

There are many parts to the upgrade kit.

Individual items require assembly and then installation.

Service Bulletins 25.00.57 & 25.0

MOD 073180 is factory installed reinforced floor

SB 25.00.57 reinforces the floor to MOD 073180 equivalence for installation of energy attenuating seats

SB 25.00.57 – Installation of short rails and energy attenuating seats

If pre-MOD 073180 and long rails are required (SB 25.00.83) then complete the structure reinforcements required by this bulletin and do not order the short rail kits (make sure to order stops (x8) because they do not come with long rails – Screw 159001-11 / Stop 159001-12 / Nut 159110EC-21)

Make sure to locate and drill hole in Y-218 per figure 3– this is required to allow removal of bolt in service from the RH lateral lever (see below).

SB 25.00.83 – Long seat rails

If post-MOD 073180 installation of rails and replacing 5 brazier head rivets with CSK blind rivets (rail interference)

If pre-MOD 073180 the floor requires reinforcement per SB 25.00.57

CAUTION: Order the correct rails

Floors modified by SB 25.00.57 – rails have 26 (+1) attachment screws

Floors post-MOD 073180 – rails have 18 (+1) attachment screws

AHCA floor window installed – new doubler required around the opening which includes the RH pilot seat rail doubler 350-201204.22